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Village Phone Directory

In the spring of 2015, the Terrace Park Historical Society took up the task of producing the Village Directory. Board Member Teri Shaughnessy initiated the project and carried it through to completion in time for the 2015 Memorial Day celebration on the Village Green. Artwork was provided by two creative Terrace Park Elementary students, Beckley and Bennet.

The Village Directory is a time-honored tradition in our village, dating back to 1959. The first edition was created by Terrace Realty, Inc. as a greeting card for the holidays that year. In many ways it resembled the later directories, except that all the phone numbers began with “TE-1” followed by four digits. Since this was long before “911” emergency service, separate numbers were listed on the inside front for fire, police and “police emergency”. St. Thomas Church, Terrace Park School and Mariemont High School were also listed, as this was the last year that the Terrace Park School would include high school students. The Community House and the swimming club were the only other community organizations included. The businesses included two service stations, the Terrace Park Lumber Company, and the Village Market among others. Resident addresses were much the same as they are today, although the homes have changed owners and appearance over the years. There are even several current residents who were included in 1959!

The directory must have been popular, because the following year, a second directory was published by E.J. Garrison of Nationwide Insurance. His daughter, Vivian Kreuger, has maintained the family business and today owns Kreuger Nationwide Insurance on the corner of Elm and Wooster.

In 1962, the task of producing a directory was taken over by the Terrace Park Volunteer Fire Department, which along with the Volunteer EMS Department have produced the directory every two years since that time. Advertisements from local business were included and the project became a fund raiser for the volunteer Emergency Services.

However, these volunteers have already made an enormous commitment of time and energy in training and in providing round-the-clock emergency services to the village. Many of them are juggling the responsibilities of family and work, and the effort required to put together a village directory is an additional burden. As the Historical Society has both resources and time, we offered to take on the project, both as a way to serve village residents, and as a way to relieve Fire and EMS so they can focus on their valuable role as emergency service providers. The motivation and leadership for the 2015 directory project came from TPHS board member Teri Shaughnessy, who used her experience in her previous neighborhood to get the project up and running.