Terrace Park Historical Society

Preserving the Unique History and Genealogy of Terrace Park, Ohio

Elm Street Scene


Filmed in May, 2005. Members of The TPHS are accompanied by former residents of the Miami Grove community as they walk the original site and talk about their memories of living there.

Interview with Paul West, and orginal video footage of the circus including elephants.

Lecture at the Community Building - Richard Scamyhorn, author of 'Stockades in the Wilderness'

Terrace Park in the Late 1700

In 1990, Board Member Emeritus and long-time Terrace Park resident, Susan Frank, produced this charming video about life in Terrace Park. The video was only available as a dvd for many years, but we have updated the format so that we could make it available here. You can now view or download the entire video here – it’s about an hour in length. Check out this journey to the past and see what has changed and what is very much the same in Terrace Park since 1990!

Terrace Park has long been home to many talented artists. We would like to provide interviews and showcase some of their work, both on our website and in The Tracker newsletter.

The producers of “Best” Magazine have created a wonderful documentary video, “Welcome to Terrace Park”.

Narrated by long-time Terrace Park resident Julie Porter Koehler, this professional production takes you on a street tour of Terrace Park and even includes some aerial views. Mention is made of our many village activities, including the Labor Day Parade, Christmas on the Green, and Halloween festivities.