Terrace Park Historical Society

Preserving the Unique History and Genealogy of Terrace Park, Ohio

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About The Terrace Park Historical Society

The Society was incorporated on September 14, 2001, and officially began operation with its first meeting on Monday evening, November 5, 2001, in the St. Thomas Church undercroft. The forty-eight enthusiastic people attending this meeting lay the groundwork for what was to become an integral part of Terrace Park.

The original Board of Trustees included the following individuals: Carol C. Cole, president; Betsy Holloway, vice-president; Kay Pope, secretary; Bill Holloway, treasurer; Ken Bassett, legal counsel; Helen Barnett, Stan Brown, Lee Cole and Julie Northrop members-at-large. The newsletter editor was Pat Henley and Jeanette Pruiss served as the Society’s official photographer.

From its inception, the Terrace Park Historical Society has encouraged people to write down and share their memories of Terrace Park. The first meeting in 2001 featured an post written by local resident Flach Douglas on his memories of the Terrace Park post office. This important tradition of sharing recollections continues with the recording and transcribing of oral histories for the Society’s archives.

The inaugural meeting also featured a display depicting some of the history of Terrace Park with emphasis on the years 1893 (year of incorporation), 1901 and 2001. Included were posts, early maps, homes with building dates, subdivision maps, Terrace Park School diplomas and scrapbooks, newspaper clippings of events occurring in 2001 and highlights of two Terrace Park families who no longer live in the area but contributed to the fabric of the Village. The importance of sharing this type of information with the general public remains a vital goal of the organization. To this end, the Society welcomes donations of items to insure their preservation. Items can be donated or simply scanned or photographed for return to their owners.

Our Mission

The mission of the Terrace Park Historical Society is to foster understanding of and appreciation for the historic heritage of Terrace Park. The Society carries out this mission by making sincere efforts to educate children and adults about the treasures of the Village and the importance of protecting documents and artifacts kept in our archives.

Because of its non-profit 501(c)(3) status, the Board of Trustees gratefully acknowledges that much success is due to the financial generosity of our membership and the dedication of many volunteers.

The current Board of Trustees encompasses people of varying ages who bring ideas and perspectives of both new and longtime residents. These dedicated individuals help ensure that the work of the Society continues through the many volunteer hours they devote. It is the goal of this board that the Terrace Park Historical Society continue its mission of preserving the heritage of our unique Village. Please join us in this journey!

Our Organization

The Terrace Park Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization, lead by a Board of Trustees who are elected on a three year rotating basis. A general meeting for the purpose of electing trustees is held once a year in the month of January, in the TPHS facilities in St. Thomas Church. Meeting announcements are published on this website and in the Village Views, prior to the meetings. Please consider attending or joining as a Trustee.

Our Facilities

Our organization is presently housed in a set of three large rooms on the lower level of St. Thomas Church. St. Thomas has generously provided this space since July, 2003. One room is used as an office and meeting room, one is a depository for our Archives, and one has been set aside as our Gallery/Museum, where we can display both historic items and artwork.

Our Tax Status

The Terrace Park Historical Society is a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized to collect, maintain and store historical papers, documents and artifacts pertaining to the Village of Terrace Park, Ohio and to educate about its history.

Legal Advisor: Steve Holmes

If you would like to be involved with the guidance of our organization, consider taking a position on our Board of Trustees.