We are ready for 2016!

TPHS 2016 Trustees
(l-4( Anna Arnold, Suzie Ricketts, Tricia DiMichele, Susan Rodgers, Marcia Moyer, Ogle Annett, and Sandy Koehler
We would like to welcome Anna Arnold, our newest board member!

The TPHS Annual Holiday Party and Members Meeting was held on Sunday, December 13 in the TPHS office at St. Thomas Church. Despite other competing events and unseasonably warm weather, many loyal members attended.

Susan Rodgers called the meeting to order at 1:30pm and described the Society’s plans for 2016, which include a possible new book about Terrace Park and the 2016 House Tour. Treasurer Marcia Moyer discussed the favorable outcomes of the Directory project earlier in the year and the recent Meurer Exhibit. She reported that the total membership in the Society is now 273, including 73 Lifetime Members!

The membership voted in a new trustee, Anna Arnold, who will work with gallery collections. In addition, the 2016 Booard of Trustees will include Susan Rodgers, Marcia Moyer, Teri Shaughnessy, Sandy Koehler, Suzie Rickets, Tricia DiMichelle, and Ogle Annett, making a total of eight trustees.

Members were invited to get involved as volunteers, especially in helping with the upcoming book and House Tour.

TP Lumber C.o DeskThe Board of Trustees was proud to display a new addition to the office – a massive desk that had once belonged to the Terrace Park Lumber Company and was donated earlier in the year by Terrace Park resident Lee Nordloh. The desk was refurbished with a glass display shelf and given a new home and purpose as the perfect showcase for the gift items offered by the Society. Thank you Lee!