Vintage Village Views

Oldf Village ViewsThe Village View Newspaper dates from May, 1969 and is one of the best souces of Terrace Park’s history from that time forward.

We have three copies of each edition in our archives, but they are rapidly deteriorating.   Fortunately, we were able to purchase a large bed scanner to begin making copies.

The job of scanning these papers is immense, and we would especially like to thank Teri Shaughnessy and Lon Stirsman for their work in providing these scans.  The PDFs are all searchable, and we will be making a combined version of each year available as well.   Beginning in 2002,  Gregg MacMillan, the publisher, has offered PDF’s of each edition on his website,, and you can see those  Here.  

See our collection of Village Views beginning in May 1969 HERE.