Tracker Newsletter

The Terrace Park Historical Society Tracker is published quarterly and mailed to members.  You can view the latest Tracker here as well as the archived copies.

2017 Winter (Listing of Lifetime Members)

2016 Fall (Annual Members Holiday Party, An Evening at the Theater,Terrace Park Players, review of 2016 House Tour, Annual Meeting announcement, update on yearbook project)

Summer 2016  (2016 House Tour, Finally Finished – Village Views Digitization, Researchers Needed, Yearbooks from Mariemont High School, Mystery Men, TP Elementary Class of 1985, Annual Members meeting change, A Fond Farewell)

2016 Spring (Program with John Ruthven, Thank You Betsy and Adreinne, Team Terrace Park, A visit to Stumps Boat Club, Those Old Yearbooks, Village’s Colorful Past Retold)

2016 winter  (Save the Date – Open House at Stumps Boat Club, Thanks to our Volunteers, Thank You LIfetime Members,2015 Treasurer’s Report, Vintage Desk Helps Preserve Legacy of Terrace Park Lumber Company)

2015 Fall (Charles Meurer Exhibit, new book about Terrace Park, Miniature Meurer House, Expert Advice, Holiday Party, Sue Porter Honored, Did You Know?, Tackling the Archives Room, Oral Histories Restart)

2015 Spring   (New Village Directory, Directory Profits, Profile – Teri Shaughnessy, Welcoming Committee, Mystery Picture, It’s a Small World, Artwork for the Directory, Did you know, Third Grade Walking Tour, High School Senior Breakfast)

2015 Winter    (Program:  History in Your Own Back Yard,How Many Meurers?, New Video of Terrace Park, New Village Directory, 1989 Fifth Grade Quilt, Did You Know?,  Annual Financial Report, List of Lifetime Members, Notice of Meeting, Thank You Susan Frank)

2014 Fall (Annual Hoiday Brunch, Acquisitions in the Gallery, Lifetime Memberships, And the Winner is…., The “Green Beetles”, What a Life – Almost 103!, Did You Know?, The Country Club Burned Down?)

2014 Summer Fall (The 2014 “Welcome Home” House Tour, How to Purchase Tickets, Thanks to our Sponsors, An Invitation and Something New, From the Archives – More Tillie Tales, Did You Know?, Thank You Hilliard Fjord)

 2014 Spring (Spring Program: Treasures of Terrace Park with the Garden Club, David Laug and the Walking Tour, Special Thanks to Bo Hesser for software update, The Train Chugs On – the Arthur Wiseman Story, Items for sale in the Gift Shop, Did You Know?)

2014 Winter (Winter Program: Circus Lore and More with George McIlveen, Update on LIfetime Memberships and Endowment funding, Photos of Former Terrace Park Residents, Did You Know?)

 2013 Summer (Program: John Maggard – Art from the Heart, Terrace Park Alumni Association Final Reunion, Thank You Scripps Howard Foundation, Update on Membership, the Gallery Keeps Growing, Did You Know?)

 2013 Spring ( (April Program: Debut of Terrace Park Walking Tour, meet Betsy and Bill Holloway, Did You Know?, Red Hat Society Visits Gallery)

 2013 Winter (Treasures of Terrace Park: Post Office; Edgewater; Terrace Park Market, Notes from the Gallery – George McIlveen donation, Letter from a Former Mayor, 58 Lifetime Members, 271 Regular Members, Did You Know?)

 2012 Fall   (Holiday Brunch and Annual Meeting, Sue Porter to Rceive “Thanks for the Memories” Award,  “Timeless Treasures” House Tour, Gallery Continues to Receive Donations,  Did You Know, The Archive Team Hits a Home Run,  53 Lifetime Members)

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