Terrace Park’s Safety Net

(By Susan Rodgers, reprinted with permission from the Septermber 2015 issue of “A Walk in the Park” Magazine)

Imagine this scene: It’s a summer day in Terrace Park and children are playing outside. Then, suddenly, someone falls. A parent calls 911 and then there is an anxious wait for the ambulance to arrive.
But a few minutes later, something unusual happens. Trained EMT’s begin to show up at the home. They know exactly what to do to keep the patient safe and comforted and the parents informed. When the ambulance drives up a few minutes later, the people who carry the stretcher and medical bags are friends and neighbors, familiar faces instead of strangers.

This is not an imaginary scene, but a likely possibility in Terrace Park. Every day, while most village residents are busy with school, work and family activities, at least two Terrace Park residents are performing an additional duty. They are wearing uniforms and carrying pages, prepared to respond as volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians if anyone in Terrace Park suffers an accident, injury or illness. In addition, the many other team members are often available to offer assistance as well.

1970sThe tradition of a volunteer life squad in Terrace Park dates back to the 1960’s. After the Village Views Newsletter was established in 1969, there were often articles about the many residents who signed up to learn emergency medical care, many of whom are still living in Terrace Park today.

Even after more than 50 years, the tradition of emergency medical volunteers continues. EMT Training sessions are held every fall, right here in Terrace Park and at no cost to residents. This is an amazing opportunity that many residents have been able to enjoy, and one of the unique features of our community.

If you are interested in signing up, the Life Squad welcomes new members. Information can be found on their website, terraceparkems.org, or by contacting Susan Rodgers at 418-1480.