Terrace Park’s Attic

Terrace Park School Class of 1929Have you ever unexpectedly discovered a box of old family photographs or letters and found yourself swept away into the world of long ago? Then you would enjoy a visit to the Terrace Park Historical Society’s Archive Room.

Our Archives serve the function of Terrace Park’s attic – a treasure trove of memories from the past. But unlike the contents of an attic, our materials have been organized and preserved so that visitors may enjoy them.

There are maps from many different eras that show original property lines and subdivisions, charting the many stages of Terrace Park’s growth. Over the years, architectural plans and photos of a great many of the village historic homes have been collected and saved – perhaps your home is one of them.

Railroad enthusiasts will find a wealth of information about the little Miami Railroad that was once a vital connection between Terrace Park and the wider world and is now a link in the Rails to Trails Conservancy pathways.
Postcards, photos, uniforms and even training manuals remind us of the Terrace Park residents who served their country during World War II.

Terrace Park High School yearbooks and photos dating from the 1930’s, show the changes in fashions and sports attire over the last eighty years.

Copies of our neighborhood newspaper, the Village Views dating from the 1970’s document the many changes in the life of our village. For long-time residents, the photos will bring back memories of neighborhood activities: the lighting of the Christmas tree, the Pancake Supper, and the Labor Day Parade, to name a few.

Marriage records and obituaries have been collected by many volunteers over the years, and genealogy researchers from all over the country have used this information as a resource.

For Robinson Circus fans, there is a large collection of pictures and stories about every aspect of the famous Terrace Park circus, including photos of many of the performers and animal trainers.

The presence of this “attic” full of memories is a distinguishing characteristic of our community. Unlike many newer residential neighborhoods, Terrace Park maintains a sense of continuity, with village traditions that extend back into time for multiple generations.

Perhaps that is one reason that people who lived here as children frequently return to raise their own families.
Over the years, many people have been involved in contributing to our “attic”. The collections of Stan Miller, village clerk for twenty years, provided much of the original documents. As donations to our archives continue, our collections become more and more varied and interesting. What began as a group of photos and scrapbooks is now developing into a real museum.

So, we would like to invite you to come by and visit, or better yet, stay and help us take care of this wonderful resource for future generations to enjoy and develop. Tphistoricalsociety.org

(Reprinted with permission from the November 2014 issue of “A Walk in the Park” Magazine.