Stumps Boat Club


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Steve Holmes for providing a wonderful Saturday afternoon for our members at the Stumps Boat Club.

We toured the historic building and enjoyed the stories that have been passed down from member to member for the many years since the Club was founded. The Club has a unique place in Terrace Park’s history and we are delighted that we had this opportunity to visit and experience this treasure from the past.

Tucked behind Dracket Field near the Wilderness Preserve, Stumps Boat Club is a reminder of the days when Terrace Park was known for fishing and vacation homes along the Little Miami River.  Although weathered by fires and floods, the club has been in operation since before the 20th century.   This spring, the members have generously offered to open the doors of the newly renovated building to our organization for an afternoon of history and stories.

On May 7, 1975, the Cincinnati Enquirer published an article by columnist Dick Forbes about the Club, which you may read HERE.