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High School Yearbook Project

Our organization is fortunate to have a collection of original Terrace Park High School yearbooks, dating from 1929 through 1957.    From 1958 forward,  Terrace Park High School became part of the Mariemont School District, and we are in the process of collecting copies of the Mariemont Chieftain yearbooks beginning with 1958.

As of October 1, 2016, we have received 1961 – 1966 and 1972 – 1974.   We are asking our members and readers for any Mariemont High School yearbooks that they would like to donate. Our goal is to eventually provide two copies for each year.

In a few decades will the current fashions look quaint and stodgy? Will future great grandchildren wonder about these old-timers with their cell phones and backpacks? Will there still be sports teams, music, drama, clubs and proms?

Yearbooks are a fascinating peek into a very different time.  We owe it to the future to save these memories. So – dust off those ancient tomes and tell us what you find. You can send us a message: tphistoricalsociety@gmail.com or 248-1777.